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About Us

OptOut Cycles was created in February of 2016 but the story begins long before that.  Long before we took the plunge another company was already producing high quality, affordable mountain bike frames.  Soul Cycles and its owner, Chad, started making downhill bikes, mountain bikes, and dirt jump bikes back in the early 2000s.  They were very successful and had a hardcore group of followers.  Eventually, Chad focused the company on mountain bike frames and had a very successful model in the Dillinger.  One of OptOut's founders had one of these frames and loved it!  When Chad put the word out in 2015 that he was looking to sell the company the seed was planted. 

Steve, Jeff, and Joe purchased the company along with Chad's expertise and created OptOut Cycles.  Why OptOut?  We chose to opt out of accepting the offerings of the existing manufacturers and start something new.  OptOut of the hype.  OptOut of the marketing spin.  OptOut of working today and go ride your bike!  It all just fits!  Our goal is to produce high quality, affordable frames for off-road use.  The first offering will be a mountain bike frame that is designed to accommodate two wheel sizes and several hub configurations via a sliding dropout.  That will be followed closely by a gravel frame.  We live on the edge of the Flint Hills here in Kansas and we have nature's ultimate test facility right on our doorstep!